China's large number of plastic machinery exports to the commercial development

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Plastic machinery widely used in building materials industry, packaging industry, electrical appliances, electronics, information industry, automobile and other transportation, agriculture, light industry, biology, medical, petrochemical industry, machinery industry, defense industry and other equipment.
In the plastic products industry to promote the vigorous development of China's production and sales of plastic machinery has been among the highest in the world. At the same time, exports continue to expand, and the export growth rate is much higher than the growth rate of imports. But industry experts pointed out that the structure of China's plastic machinery products need to be adjusted. Although the continued adjustment and development, China's plastics manufacturing and matching level continues to improve, but we compared with foreign advanced level, there is still a wide gap, especially high-end products still can not meet the needs.
Plastic machinery industry is with the polymer chemistry and plastic processing technology development and development, and gradually formed an independent industrial sector. After World War II, many plastic raw materials have been able to large-scale production, plastic products to replace metal, wood, glass, paper, fiber and other materials into the product, in the national economy and people's lives more applications, , Plastic and metal, wood, cement, known as the four modern industrial structure materials.
Although the export volume of China's plastic machinery is nearly 4 times the number of imports, but the value of export products is only half the value of imported products. This shows that China's exports of plastic machinery, low gold content. At the same time, in 2007 the number of Chinese plastics machinery imports decreased by 12% over the previous year, while the value has increased by 7.2%, to further introduce the current value of China's imports of plastic machinery is relatively high, that is mostly high-end products, is the domestic production Or equipment can not meet the requirements of the species.
For a long time the plastic machinery models, functional specifications of the same fixed with the fixed can not meet the market demand. Customers because of the production of plastic products require frequent changes with the management of effective investment considerations, the need for the plastics machinery industry can give it the most market-adapting plastic machinery and equipment. Another angle with the industrialization of the rapid development of commercialization of the evolution of large-scale production with the mass production is also a certain law of the manufacturing sector. The automatic control technology of plastic machinery industrial products has developed to a very high level, the automatic control of equipment unit, the closed-loop control of parameters, through the linkage of online feedback control, with electronic and computer technology in plastic machinery products have been more widely used , The moment and has emerged in the intelligent control of plastic machinery products.


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