Common Faults and Treatment Methods of Hydraulic

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1. Damaged pump, overheated pump and dry sound.
2. Safety valve is open, five-star hydraulic motor valve issued a call or hissing sound, local overheating.
3. Control valve closed or oil supply system is not smooth, and local overheating.
4. Hydraulic motor over-leakage, single-release tubing leakage is too large, high oil level.
5. With the flow valve over-leakage, valve room heat, feel very hot by hand.
In view of the above points of processing methods:
Change the pump and study the cause of the loss, check the valve, five-star hydraulic motor if intact, then check the system pressure, check and correct the fourth point can have the following four points to deal with:
Check the oil viscosity and operating temperature.
B. Check the cylinder piston seal.
C. Check the spherical surface.
D. Check the five-star hydraulic motor connecting rod and the eccentric wheel surface between the situation and the distribution flow valve sealing.
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