Quality control and innovation

A. By virtue of industry-leading technology, integrated customer feedback recommendations, design high-performance, high reliability of the product.
B. Continue to promote the supply chain construction, selection of outstanding cooperative enterprises, establish stable relations of cooperation.
C. Professional production equipment to ensure that parts meet design accuracy.
D. Complete testing and testing equipment to ensure that materials, parts and finished products meet the design requirements.
E. Each product load test of not less than 600 hours or 1200 times, 100% of all finished products factory test, the maximum guarantee the product of the pass rate.


R & D and innovation

We see innovation as the ability to serve our customers and the power of enterprise development, innovation, including the continuous improvement of existing products to enhance and develop new products. We will be an annual sales income of more than 6% of the capital investment and R & D innovation.
A. Independent R & D institutions
B. Professional innovation team
C.20 a number of patents
D. have to maintain in-depth communication

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